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I have noticed some people calling themselves veterans of Forex, and probably most that claim they are, probably are. But, man, they want ridiculously high prices for there courses. I did purchase a introductory course on Forex called the Nitty Gritty of Forex. Bill Poulos I think is the guys name who sells it. Now I don’t mind spending a couple of bucks on a course that might give me the gist and general feel of Forex. But the guy is trying to sell me a course for 2000 bucks on controlling your emotions in trading. The course may be of a great benefit, but like Heck if I’m gonna pay 2000 bucks for a psychology course in Forex.


Those guys are all the same.

If you can’t make it trading, you can make it selling promises:D

Funny how the trading program must not quite work as they thought, so they sell you psychology to feel better about yourself after you lose.

+Just as I thought. Now what about these Robot software programs and Algorithms. I see there is a thread on this site about EA’s or automated systems. Are they basically all the same thing, and if you did have a good Robot or something Automated that kept track of Forex for you, why would you trade otherwise other than to trust your own instincts.

[B]Pingback[/B] Two questions that crop up more times than I can count… LOL. MT has answered the first, EA’s? Thing is the romour factory says Goldman Sachs has an EA thats pretty good… unfortunately its black box and locked down. The others for retail? Mostly slow bleed out. There are two that are generally accepted as good but you need to constantly tweak the parameters. And yes there are some on the web who will sell you this as well… LOL. So as a confirmed ‘card carrying’ Ludite, my advise would be find a strat that works for you and be beholden to none.

That pretty much sums that up! Just wanted to clear up a few issues.

Pingback - one thing to bear in mind in forex, we’re all after the same thing …pips. For every winner, there is a loser. For every loser, there is an opportunity to bleed money from the newbies. Websites like babypips are the best way forward to learn and you get to meet people and join in forums, which is probably more that you’ll ever learn than by paying $2000 for a psychology course…

I can guarantee you I am not gonna pay 2000 dollars for a Forex course of any kind. That’s not my plan. In fact my first plan was not to do Forex trading, but Stock day trading. But after I found out the amount of money needed for an account, I decided not to do it. So, I kind of picked up on Forex. I had been studying Stock Day trading, but the risk would be much more in the beginning for me. So, after I read some on Forex and that you can use a lot of the stock day trading technical analysis for Forex I thought I would drop in and learn it as much as I could. So, far I like it. It is gonna take me some time to learn it and a lot of practice, but I like it because I am a math guy anyway, so it fits right in with me, not that math is a prime mover in my decision, but chart analysis I believe will give me some creative freedom, and a chance to have a good way to save for my future, what I have left of it and I need a better return than what I am getting now. So, I plan on learning it well, and this site will help as well as the advice from pro’s like you. I will admit though, it is still a bit fuzzy in my head. Looks like a real challenge. I mean it’s almost like betting, but with a technical edge to it. And a fair amount of risk control. Getting those pips seems a bit weird or vague, kind of like the twilight zone, but I know it can be done, if you are doing it, then it must be able to be done.