Only 3 months left before 2020 ends! How's your trading journey been so far?

Barring everything else that’s gone wrong this year (if that’s even possible), how has your trading or trading education been doing?

Let’s look at it from things you can control: your emotions, how much time you allocate to trading, level of focus… how has all that been? Maybe some of you have even been able to take advantage of what’s been going on?

Either way, if you have tips/tricks you also want to share when it comes trading AND dealing with a pandemic, maybe you can share them with us!


had a super year , with the market swings its really harvest for the trader


This year has been a mess for me emotionally and I probably had put some of those negative into trading, but other than that, I think it is going good and bad and I believe everyone has dealt the same thing.
Thank you for asking.


Hi Ananais,

I did start learning to trade at the start of the year due to having the time to do so before University resumed (I distance learn so do not get the summer off and have a month break per year before more modules are released) so ended up stopping trading and focusing on university.

However, as terrible as this sounds, I have been lucky enough to now have the time to fully apply myself and have therefore have started practice trading from 6am - 6pm. I gather that if I can pick up the basics, I can practice on my lunch breaks and in the evenings when I fully resume back at work.

With regard to emotions, everyone of course has been affected in some way but I’ve tried to take the positive out of this and am trying to gain a lifelong skill. If anything, this has motivated me massively because of people now struggling with bills and unemployment etc… I don’t want that.

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Had a lot of time to learn lol.

Learnt a new strategy. Doubled my account in 2 and a half months.

Life changing!


I think I’m going to graduate Pipsology preschool tomorrow! Not sure if I’ll really use my spreadsheets longterm, but they’ve definitely helped with organizing and understanding the market times, currency pairs to start with, conceptualizing how pips/profits/margin are calculated and used. I’m planning to finish up content on margins tomorrow. I’m starting to feel like I’m walking into a cave realizing I need to be able to put down a relatively large chunk of money for a starting balance (but of course, demos before I even think about using real money) bahahah starting to finally see the yellow flashing lights!

I think of my learning as an investment into myself. Also moving back home has been a real motivator (still young adult but adult enough to need my own space). Speaking of–I stay focused by creating a private space that mimics what I’m used to doing ‘strenuous academic work’ in (coffee shop or bakery). Some jazz in the background to drown out noise or silence if I need to really think, turn my phone on DND, take cleaning/boredom/other necessary breaks (no point in reading if I’m not really paying attention).

Just keep a balance, stay realistic, give time for growth in learning.

I’m not trading yet, so I don’t really have much advice there…wishing you all success and motivation :slight_smile:


I am sure u are willing to share your knowledge with ya broda from another moda…yes?

It started with some lows, then grew to a great profit but it nearly all vanished a bit later, now up roughly 10% so hey! Lots better then leaving the money with the bank

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Springtime was very humbling. The markets changed. My systems went from high win rate to losing money and I waited longer than I should have to pull the plug and reevaluate. To prevent a recurrence, I wrote code to scale back risk automatically if a system starts to lose more than it should. Another lesson learned…
I feel happy anyway! :smiley: Cheers!

I’ve been a student of FX off and on for a few years but have failed to take the plunge. I’ve worked with FX simulators a few times but continue to be perplexed with some basic concepts, so I don’t advance. Not long ago I bought a copy of The Art of Currency Trading by Brent Donnelly, a really amazing book. Taking notes from it, I’m not pleased with my extremely slow pace of learning. Going at it completely alone with nothing more than books, I don’t recommend. I suppose that’s why I’m “here.”

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I mean I don’t mind but I don’t believe a trading strategy is something you can learn directly. A lot of how well it works is down to personal preference and opinions.


Not bad, still have to allocate more time to trading.
I’ve had a string of losses so i have to become a beginner again in order to change what i’m doing in order to get into profits.

I have also seen people learning trading at a rapid pace but trading is taking a while to get fully adjusted to it.

Great year. Only started 1st June and up 51%.

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…and I agree with you completely

Not been all that great. I think this year I’ve mostly been EXTRA cautious that I didn’t get to take advantage of so many dips. Sucks because for sure this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jealous of traders like @Lang15 who have been able to make the most out of this situation. :sob:

its not been easy but every experience and failure leads to a newer knowledge for greater success. sometimes I am emotionally touched when i loose but am overcoming that gradually. when I ma emotionally down for loss, it makes me sometime to loose more or do reckless trading in the bid to covering up

Wow. Congrats and good job!!!

Hope you’re not being too tough on yourself! We need to remind ourselves we’re living in a difficult time - there’s an actual pandemic going on. So take it easy and take time to stop and just relax for a bit! Good luck and I hope the remainder of the year will be a lot better than the first half!

Oh my. 12 hour days! That’s crazy. Are you going to the BabyPips School of Pipsology the entire time? Or is it a mix of different platforms? I’m impressed by your determination!!! That’s a rarity nowadays so I hope you keep it up!

It does not always have to be great in the beginning, that’s how we learn. In the future there will be more of such plays and learn from our mistakes. The typical saying “History always repeats itself”, at least you will be prepared when those plays come again because will have had that experience. :+1:

Oh wow. How did you discover this new strategy? Asking for a friend haha.

Wow! Congratulations! How long did it take you to finish the School? Time to demo trade!!!

Yeah definitely use that to develop yourself. You’re lucky you can take advantage of that, not many people can just move back home!

10% is huge! Keep it up!!!