Open a Micro a/c

hi, I read in baby pips about to open the micro a/c. My budget is only $1000 and I’m plannning to open a micro a/c . Currently i’m using a FXCM Demo platform . I have chk FXCM website about open a/c stated mini a.c $300(200:1) leverage & for the minimum $2000 a/c (100:1) for 100,000
standard a/c.
I 'm not very sure if FXCM provide a micro a/c but I am hare to chk about what is micro a/c and what are the benefit to open this a/c and for the budget $1000 , where i can open the micro a/c in which website. pls adv thanks.

If you need a micro then oanda has probably a good bet! You can pick any unit size you want! Well there is probably a maximum lot size, but that probably isn’t a worry for you just yet. Then there is FX Solutions. However, I think Oanda has tighter spread then FX Solutions. If you do any bi directional trading then FX Sol may be a better option. These are the only two brokers I know of that provide micro lots!

try fx solutions they have been good for me.

hi, Thankz for the fx solutions . All application request to send by the fax . I don’t have fax machine ,do they provide alternative , Scan for scan all my particular document requested and send to them by e-mail.
application to fund money & withdraw any amount with the form provided
using a Scan & e-mail to them.


other alternative is Marketiva, i think it will solve yr problem.:slight_smile: