Open an account with Alma Forex?

I am new to this forex world.

I have acquired a lot of knowledgw lately and I think that Alma seems to be a great broker.

Although everything what is too good is fake.
Here is my question has anybody made any kind of good or bad experience with Alma?
Should I open an account there or not?

Things I considered:

  • MT4
  • 1pip fixed evetually 2pip fixed(at the most)
  • low inout money 1EUR or standard 100EUR (up to 250EUR)
  • scalping allowed

Those were my guidelines if you can advice me a better broker with those points please let me know

I’m not sure about Alma, but a comment on your requirements.

MT4 is a good start but just remember, regardless of where you go for a broker, even if they don’t offer MT4, you can always use a demo to do your chart work and then place the trades through them.

A 1 or 2 pip fixed spread probably won’t happen. Anytime I’ve seen places where the offer fixed spreads seems to be fishy. The only time anything is fixed is if its an ECN, in which case they are commission based. Spreads increase and decrease depending on market volume.

Not sure what you mean about the third one as it doesn’t quite make sense.

Scalping is something that you’ll have to try. I’ve heard some brokers allow it and others don’t. So if you don’t see feedback already about them and scalping, then you’ll have to try it for yourself. Worst thing that happens is they drop your account.

Thank you for your answer.

Can you maybe recommend me a broker which is a decent one?

I did some research and I have found some good ones:

  • Prime4x
  • Forex Metal

What do you think about them?
Are they real or fake?

As I wrote before if you know any other broker which meets +/- those requierements:

  • MT4
  • 1pip fixed evetually up to 3pip fixed(at the most)
  • low input money 100EUR (up to 250EUR)
  • scalping allowed

please let me know.


Forex-Metal is very professional.Try it.