Operation: CENTERBOARD by IKC (4 of 4)

Omnia scire quaerimus glorificare Qui Omnia Novit

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Welcome to the Fourth and Final Journal of this KittyCat!
This journal is focused on capturing Trading Action (and will likely be the most boring among the four journals I made)
It is with the intention of: (1) Proof of concept and (2) Keeping track of our knowledge and its application that I started this journal. Unlike the other Three (3) Journals, this one shall be short and sweet and shall be more direct / straight to the point. This journal is mainly for keeping track of the technical side of our trading journey.

Should you have trouble understanding the jargon on this journal, please read at least on my 3rd Journal


May you break resistances and reach new highs!


Thank you for sharing those things.!!

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Helloooo @Imperator_KittyCat! :blush: Super nice to see you’re quite active also! :blush: I don’t think I’ve had the chance to check out all your 4 journals yet, but I just got curious! :sweat_smile: If this one is mainly for keeping track of the technical side of your trades, I hope you don’t mind if I ask the objectives for the other 3? :smiley:

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Nice to see you around as well, hooman! I see you are one of the actives on this here town. hihi… :cowboy_hat_face:

Sure thing! Here they are!

Operation: PAPERCLIP by IKC (1 of 4)

Journal on Personal Thoughts and Stories over a wide range including motivation and inspiration

Operation: TRINITY by IKC (2 of 4)

Journal on Personal Finance Thoughts that show tips, tricks, and ideas that may help with money management and savings

Operation: SILVERPLATE by IKC (3 of 4)

Journal on Trader and Trading System Development discusses my process on developing my trading system and defining my trading process

The Fourth journal is where you are now and now there ain’t a thing yet but soon we’ll see this filled with entries. :smiley_cat:


May you break resistances and reach new highs!

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Good to see you active again. I just had to translate that first line. They didn’t do Latin where I went to school. We were deemed too common to study Latin, and that was a 1970s Grammar School - up North. I am at peace with the translation though. :pray:

We seek to know all things to glorify Him who knows all things

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Ahihihi… don’t let this cat trying to be fancy with languages get to ya. :sweat_smile:

I am glad we’re on the same page and are at peace with it. :smiley_cat:
Stay pawesome and well! I’ll get active on this journal as well soon! :smile_cat:


May you break resistances and reach new highs!

It’s not a passing mark as per our system. We can’t take this one. It fails mainly because it does not fit the criteria of our system to look for a “trigger”. This can be profitable but from a “continuation” or “trend following” perspective, ignoring the “trigger” requirement.
The conservative chap can wait for a pullback, but this one may still have some gas. :smiley_cat:

You’re not worried about USDJPY selling off because of intervention?

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Thank you for adding the fundamental color to this! It is true that there may be intervention and that’s probably creating the selling pressure we see at 161.700-ish levels but as the San Francisco Fed Daly said, it’s too early for them to say if and when they’ll make the appropriate rate cuts. In that case, it’s best to be reactive than predictive, so as not to preempt monetary policy decisions.

In any case, this kitty is not (yet) on this trade as reflected by the “TRADE SCORE” of 12 not meeting the passing score of 17 and a descriptive score of “LONG FAIL”.

However, if you look at the chart now, it’s worth looking at and we might see a confirmed trigger within a few hrs. :smiley_cat:


Surprise surprise, USDJPY retraced to the Kumo at 161.40. This time we get a trigger signal which likely gave us the passing score. This is likely another attempt to break 161.70 at least. Let’s see where this goes. :smile_cat:

UPDATE ON THE CAT: Apparently, my trading routine restoration was put on hold for the past few days. I had evaluated trade opportunities and set notifications when those opportunities were actionable. Having pre-evaluated them, kitty could simply take them if kitty wanted! :smiley_cat:

All that needs to happen was a notification and then we’ll spring into action to grab some pips! :smiley_cat:

Unfortunately, kitty had an emurrgency.

Sometime after on July 3, at around 2 PM, kitty had to respond to a family emergency. Kitty spent the night of July 3 and most of July 4 at a hospital.

Fortunately, as of July 6, things stabilized and started to return to normalcy.

Unfortunately, this and possibly 5 or 6 other notifications were ignored and the opportunities they represented were foregone

This is one of the rare cases where the opportunity was right but the timing was not.

The good thing is, the trades will always come for you to take. We can always spot the next trades. The opportunity to be there and to be a helping hand, to be the hope and strength of those who need us FAR OUTWEIGHS the opportunities foregone to earn a bit of coin.

Family, friends, and loved ones are the true treasures we have to cherish.

With that now on the side, on to the next trade then. :smiley_cat:

Kittycat is trying to trade but i am being stopped (and pissed off) by 2 factors:

  1. Friggin’ Windows 11 updating and slowing everything down behind my back
  2. Friggin’ internet connection failing me

I was not able to look at that many prospective trades but here’s one that stood out:

It would have been a perfect setup with the correct signal and almost all parameters lining up to an indication of a STRONG SELL. However, there are 2 major COUNTER-BIASES that negated the near-perfect score causing the trade recommendation to fail our evaluation.

This one however doesn’t seem like a full-blown failure of a setup. It might just be a retracement towards RESTORING EQUILIBRIUM before it continues its course.
Possible route would be a retracement towards the 1.36234 level. If equilibrium is restored there, we may yet again retest the 1.36087 area for an eventual continuation of the previous downtrend leg.
If equilibrium is not restored at the 1.36234-ish level, then we may see a test of the 1.36800 level.

This is one method i can “keep track” of things without being on the screen:

Notifications! All i have to do is set them up with a text telling me what i need to watch out for.
An example of the Notifications I set myself to receive is this:

EUR/USD Possible LONG position” and i set the alert when price breaks a given price level
EUR/USD Possible LONG position after retrace to X.XXXX price level” and i set the alert when price reaches an area where I may need to evaluate price action by then.

Instead of being outright pending orders, i use notifications to put my attention to where it’s needed without the necessary commitments that outright pending orders carry. When I get the notifications, I still have to look at the chart and the notification tells me what my bias is and what price levels i’m watching and if i need to look out for anything on the charts making the evaluation short and sweet to be able to quickly move from “evaluation” to “execution”.


Evaluation on conditional interpolated position (not current setup)

Possibly realized and actual setup upon breaking 0.9738-ish level.
Keep tabs. :smiley_cat:

Interesting development on this pair.
It’s to be noted that “The Convergence” setup was sighted on the D.

I’d like to see it retrace a bit tho before taking a piece of the pie… preferably at the 1.0870-ish level
Keep tabs and get in on this if it retraces and the support level at that area holds. :smiley_cat: