Opinions on xm broker?

and thought on their plat form how fast is the execution, how fast is the response time on the mac down load?? on a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are u with the broker??

Never heard about them before. I’m trading with FXCM. They are really trustworthy.

i once tried with them long times, but now they getting much more ‘unserious’ with their business.
my only concern, why put 1:888 leverage ? is that related to chinese feng shui or what ?!
other ‘unknown’ broker may put extreme leverage such as 1:2000. and any expert traders never recomend high leverage on our account, especially when it only at 10 USD amount, more like giving away our daily snack expense with some companies :).

Ahem XM rebranded recently, they were called XE-Markets and also Trading-Point before, and I do believe they are one of the biggest brokers out there. I traded with them and got always paid quickly with Skrill (moneybookers).

True! Also XM is paying and they have good leverage and spreads. +1

Was awesome broker before, especially with free 30 USD promo, but at this point I will never trade with XM again

I think the broker has a Demo account. All you have to do is open one and test their execution speed. Even you who have replied below cannot answer your own question. Please open a demo with them to test their platform.