Optimal efficiency in Trading

I have been looking for a way to measure the impact of my trading errors. If we measure our successes according to our inputs, we would undoubtedly be talking about efficiency. Looking for more about this, I could find that the efficiency of a trader is a measure of how effective a trader is when performing operations absent of errors. In such a way, that a trader who commits 10 errors for every 100 operations would have an efficiency of 90%. Reading an article, a professional trader mentioned that part of its registration methodology was to manage this value as an indicator in which it defines as one of the most important aspects of all the documentation of its errors in order to improve its efficiency levels and establish improvement plans for them. Among his statements, he mentions that a level of 90% is extremely good, knowing that most traders do not even reach 75% efficiency, which corresponds to 1 error for every 4 operations. This aspect can be significant for a category of traders that base their strategies on management indicators.

Another relevant aspect to increase our efficiency is the search for alternatives to operate in a more fluid or more practical way. One of these practical ways is to operate from a Mobile at times when we need to enter and we are not in front of our computer. I believe that there are Brokers that are developing in this area due to the great inclination of people to do almost everything from the mobile. In my opinion, every trader should handle an additional platform to Metatrader and in particular, I handle FBSTrader, since it has a very easy-to-use interface to execute operations very quickly. We can easily find trading instruments and it allows us to move money in and out of our bank account through the application.

And you? What other action could make our trading more efficient? I’ll be happy to read you in the comments

I only use my laptops trading at home. With respect, I consider phone apps as the fast route to failure, mainly because you cannot concentrate on what you should be doing, when out and about. .