Option expiries

Hi all, I have often heard over from live squawk that there are certain amount of options expiring daily, as far as I am aware, these options reported are probably the binary options and not the traditional options being traded on CME which expires every few weeks.

My question is if there is a single exchange where both binary and traditional options are traded on? I would think there are since otherwise they wouldn’t be able to report daily expiry levels, but from the information on google searches, it seems to me that traditional options are traded on CME; PSE etc while binary options are traded on CBOE, so I am not sure if those levels reported are actually a combination of all the different exchanges?

And is there are free resources where one can get the option expiry data from? I know IFR and Reuter has these but unfortunately I don’t have access to those and https://www.forexlive.com/Orders omits some ranges sometimes, so I am hoping someone more knowledgeable is able to shed some light and share some resources.