Option to use dark mode?

I have no where to post this, so if this is not suitable section, please move this to the right one.
I was wondering where is the option for the dark mode since the bot said and I quoted:

There are lots of ways to customize your experience, such as selecting a dark or light theme.

Any idea?

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There have been some changes in the forum but I wonder if they’ve changed the color theme too. I guess someone from the forum will definitely help you. If you do find the answer, please share.

I’ve not found this option on either desktop or mobile. What are you on? Phone or computer?

@rosemariehender I still haven’t found the answer yet, thought someone PM me saying that there is an extension that allows your browser to activate into dark mode.

@ponponwei I use PC for the most of the time.

That’s probably the only solution. Although I would assume that must also slow down your computer a good bit.

Not only that, but if the extension is not official, there is chance of stealing info and data so I am not going with that

Right. So no dark mode then. :sweat_smile:

Sadly. Now my eyes can cry with this brightness. :rofl:

Hello all,

Unfortunately, we don’t offer different light/dark modes. We also don’t develop or maintain any “apps” or “extensions” that could do that for you. Please be sure to check the legitimacy of such add-ons.

Happy trading!

Did you post the query of the forum? I mean spoke with the client support team? I’m sure they’ll help.

@pipstradamus is the admin here and it looks like they don’t offer it.

So disappointed about this, but thank you so much for your reply on this. Now, everything is cleared.

Why I that? Seeing that the forum is a Discourse forum and since August 2020 they also offer automatic dark mode switching, why is this not turned on as a feature in the Discourse admin settings? Is it because of the custom theme?

kindly consider to add dark mode. its becoming difficult to read educational topics.