Options and binary options


Look this article: Option (finance) - Wikipedia

[B]OPTIONS[/B] (in the sense presented in the link above) and [B]BINARY OPTIONS[/B] are the same thing?

If not, exist some plataform for operate options? If yes, which!?!? Where can I find it? Is it possible operate options in MetaTrader?


I guess options are different than binary options, however binary options have provided an advanced approach to trade options where the risks are already known. Binary options are relatively easier than any other trading business and I guess optiontrade do recommend downloading MT4 for smooth trading of Binary Options.

Hello JHenry,

Welcome to the trading world. Yes, there is a difference between Options trading and Binary options trading.
In regular options trading, you can trade smoothly without having any steps. Thus in binary options, traders need to follow some steps. On the other hand, in binary options, the payoff is fixed.

There are so many trading platforms which are offering options trading for traders. You can enjoy options trading with IQOption, Binomo, Olymp Trade and so on.

If traders accept MT4 platform, then you can download the platform in your trading device or you can directly browse from the web.

Before doing anything, this is my recommendation to read more and more regarding the broker and the trading types. Knowledge is the most important thing to build up your trading career.

Hello. I would not recommend you trade Binary Options; it is an oversimplification of currency trading where you are almost certain to lose in the long run. Tantamount to gambling.

A typical payout might be 85% when you bet correctly, whereas a loss will cost you 100%, That means that you would need a win rate of 100/(85 + 100) = 0.54 just to break even.

And if you can achieve that win rate, then you must understand the market well enough to just trade spot FX, which is more flexible.

For Regular Options trading I would recommend Saxo Bank.