Order Flow

where can i read the DOM on my platform?

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Which platform are you using?

What are you trading?

[You probably appreciate that this is primarily a forex trading forum, and depth of market information is not available for spot forex, because spot forex has no centralized exchange, so pending orders are not monitorable or collatable … other than to the extent that an [I]individual brokeage[/I] might, I suppose, be able to collate and display the pending orders of [I]their own[/I] customers - but that wouldn’t be of much/any use, anyway?]

Hi Booda,

DOM provides the trader insight that number of buyer volume and number of seller volume. It tells that on which side the traders are more biased. And it also provide the insight to client regarding the liquidity in the market, if trader is planning to enter bigger order whether it would be filled without any much change in price. However, i completely agree with Lexys, that DOM is less useful in the case of forex market, because it is decentralized market and it’s really impossible to get the club information of pending orders. SO DOM in forex market wouldn’t provide much information about the traders biasness but would give information about the liquidity with your broker that whether order would be filled without causing much damage to price