Orion EA : 600% + Profit per month

Orion EA uses indicators to enter and exit orders. Giving you the choice of times to open orders. Orion EA works on both 4 and 5-digit quotes. Orion EA also gives you the option of maximum spread which prevents Orion EA from opening order during high spread. When an opposite signal appears: if there is an open order in profit, then the Orion EA closes it; if the open order is in loss, the Orion EA opens opposite orders. The Orion EA has an Overlap Order option, this gives it the ability to use the percentage of profit from the last order to reduces losses. The news filter option allows Orion EA to receive a continuous feed from the new agent. News filters will stop trades from opening during impact news. Orion EA also has an auto lot which allows Orion EA to increase the lot size according to the amount of balance.

I used this EA before and has performed very well but lately this EA has lost consecutively. Does anyone has working tips to maximise this EA? Any help is appreciated.
Thank you