Out of the trade but price didn't get to my SL

Hey guys, something weird just happened and I would like to know if there’s any explanation for it or the problem is me. I had two trades, AUDJPY (sell) and EURAUD (sell) that were going good but out of nowhere my SL was hit. I went to check the graph on TradingView and the price didn’t even get close to the SL!

Here’s the MT4 history (it’s a DEMO acc btw):

And for example the EURAUD chart (I have the mouse icon where the SL should be triggered):

Let me know if this ever happened to you or if there’s something escaping me…

EDIT: Also, I do have capital in my acc, impossible to be liquidation.

Usually the cause is that the chart shows the bid price and the SL was set to be trigged by the ask price (because it was in effect a buy order set to close the short position you had). The difference beween the two, the spread, can be very large and varies constantly through the 24 hours.

The place to find out about these things is a demo account so well done for that decision.

Worth watching the spread in real time to see how it can fluctuate insanely. Maybe you can set the chart to show both.

Note also that the chart does not represent all the bid prices which were applicable as quotes.

Could be potentially that you hit your total margin limit over both trades so your broker closed this trade due to a margin call.

Also, I’m interest to know why you are betting against AUD in one trade and opposite in the other trade?

The most likely reason is spread widening. Price feed from trading view can be different from the one streamed into your platform as there is no universal source of quotes. Consult support about this issue, if there wasn’t spread widening it was a glitch and they have to reimburse your loss.

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It sounds like you might have experienced a slippage issue. It’s not uncommon in forex trading, especially during volatile periods or news events.

After searching and checking everything it was the spreads. At 5pm EST they fly and yeah, my SL was hit.

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That was it! Spread widening!