Outlook Indicator

Free Outlook Indicator for MT4 and MT5. Choose the most popular pairs, only cfds or all available pairs in outlook. As the service grows this indicator will be very helpful and is for free.

Outlook Indicator MT4.ex4 (29.7 KB)

Outlook Indicator MT5.ex5 (32.0 KB)

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the indicator.

No problem, as the fx merge community grows I think this information will be very useful. :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot for sharing. I checked it out and liked it.

The number of new users is increasing every day so it’s only a matter of time before this indicator will be a very good and free source of information to see how many positions there are to buy and sell.

Later it is enough to create a robot to open and close positions above x% for buy and x% for sell :money_mouth_face:

The data is collected from all currently open positions on the FX Merge website.

How work the Outlook Indicator?