Own up , whos making money!

hi Viper , let me know this is open. And to all, one question, my whole existence at moment ( i set time goals ) whos making money. Not, whos blown up, who thinks its easy, and piss off to the," let’s sell you a method", people.!
Whos making money, the amount doesn’t matter, its the getting right.When this is done, its simply upping the price of the position.The only game in life that the opponent doesn’t get harder the higher the stakes !!


Go with the trend.

Enter on a retracement.

Accept small losses.


Hey, LN I was thinking here, share your trades and such in a journal format.

The Ever Helpful VIPER

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Hi Viper .Seems already my question is being diluted , its a simple one .My ground will stand , this should be a test of Baby Pips . You wouldn’t believe it , but on sites like this pro writers are employed to keep the prey watching the adds .Eye to eye or voice to voice , that’s my goal .

and you , how’s it going ? enjoying it , earning ?

Learning. Getting ready.

red thing are hot , water is wet , sorry to seem a bit sarcastic , i’m really not intending to go there .Advise was years ago , people who took the advice , made their own decisions , moved on , persevered and earned . Please throw me a bone , just got back to this site and as your someone with over 500 posts , the question of are you earning must have come up .We all like a chat , but this is a trading site , and i’m seting out with this one thread , one question .

Things can be pretty simple or very complicate. It is up to you how you will make them.

I have not been trading since 2013 when I did blew you a couple of accounts.

Today I am a different person. More mature. I am winning. But I guess it is too early to say if I am a long-term successful trader or not.

So take my advice for what it is.

I am reading a few ebooks by Dr. Alexander Elder. I advise you to read it if you want to know what it takes to be a successful trader.

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I don’t understand this “test” is it to prove our profitability? Or is it to prove whether BP produces profitable traders?
I started with BP and the only account I ever blew was a no deposit bonus (I was still reading SOP). Since I completed SOP, I deposited money and I have been profiting and at very least breaking even. I haven’t blown my account with my own funds in. And the only resources I’ve used is BP (especially trading system section) and Google. If I didn’t come across SOP I would probably still be stringing all the information together. Its my 3rd month trading properly with my own money.

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Hi Josh
many thanks for reply .Feels great live , its hard not to get excited , cool and calm , i wish you all the best .Can i ask what pairs you trade , I like the yen and aud pairs , sometimes with dollars or euros .I find the aud or yen give great moves , fluid , especially in middle of week .
As for the word test .In all the years iv been playing , its a hobby , and long term a living .My frustration is the amount of dead ends I have come to .Meetings where there selling you crap , on line " friends " that end up selling systems .Hours of vids that always end up disappointing .Well , i’m a bit hard line now , all trading websites have a group of supposed experts that will string you along , and sell you crap in the end .All the time , watching their highly profitable adverts .Just really want to meet real people .And , that holly grain , who’s making money !!!
Sing that question out loud , im up and down , still a demo warrior .But real close , where the converts .If their not here, why are we here ???

Thanks for your reply .
Honest i feel , big respect . Im at the time in my trading where im feeling aggressive with the world , because it’s trying so hard to sell me crap all the time .
Crap confuses , clouds your mind , and in the end , costs you money .
Just a few , a small handful of real wanabe sriuous rraders , could well make a living .
Gonna find them , set up in real time , the colective hive , e-mails a free , all working togeter .!!

damm , my spell check need a reboot

You might get less frustrated if you base your decisions on “FOE” Facts; Options: Evils. Websites don’t need professional writers. The majority of people who come into trading, want massive, unattainable success and they want it quick, cheap, easy and painless with little or no effort.

Instead of going to the school of baby pips for example to have a excellent base foundation to understand trading, so they can ask sensible questions, they don’t cause it’s time consuming, fear it might be complicated and requires a little effort. It’s much easier to ask someone else and since they don’t have a solid base of info to draw from, they pay a little but not much compared to effort, commitment and time. So “Secret” “Never Before Reveled” "I’ll teach you to be successful, in 1 session, just follow what I say.

Anyone who is really successful will tell you there are no: short cuts, pay for success without effort, Secrets, Never before Reveled or Miracle indicators or trade strategies. What they tell you is: trading is based on a balance of probabilities and to put the balance of probabilities on your side, you need a strong base of information to draw from, none of which you get by shortcuts, no commitment, no effort and no pain. All indicators, strategies work sometime, but none work all the time. The question is, how do I protect myself when they don’t work… .someone who’ put the time, effort and sweat in could tell you in a few words.

Hope that Helps


The most powerful strategy is; following the market trend, use SL and obviously don’t use more than 2% risk reward ratio in a single trade position.

Thank you. For illustrating my point. Without a solid base of knowledge, you might take this post for fact, when it is not; it’s opinion. Which is okay as long as you know the difference. Now if Luke was trying to sell you this strategy and you didn’t know the difference between: fact, opinion and out right BS you might say Luke is full of crap when he is not. What he’s trying to do is help you. But most sales people selling a strategy are not making money with the strategy; but are making the money on the sale of the strategy

Thanks Luke

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@lord_nelson There will always be marketers, “trading system sales reps” targeting people who don’t understand and who don’t want to spend time educating themselves on trading.

Someone in my country has been selling this “one minute strategy with modification (the modification is actually hedging)” for R2500 which is a lot of money in my country just for a few videos.

I can’t answer for you, but as for myself, I know why I am here, and I don’t care if a successful trader or expert is here or not. Most questions I had on forex I found BP on the first page on Google that had answers. I wouldve paid R3000 to learn the same free information at a seminar. I have asked questions on the forum too and get honest answers. However if its not good enough for you, ask Zuckerburg (who lost a few billion in 1 trade) which group or forum he uses.

There is no holy grail system to trade forex and although I only demo’d for 1 month, I quickly understood this. How you apply the info you read, how you understand it, may be understood and applied differently by someone else.

If you get upset losing demo money, imagine how you will feel losing real money?


Sometimes I feel there is no powerful strategy in here which work consistency, it’s all about temporary.

I day trade on the 1hr,5min and 1min charts. I’ve set my daily target at making 1% of my capital. I do the basic watch for a trend to start, wait for a bounce, look for a reversal candlestick pattern inline with the trend, look for an indicator to confirm the move, then enter a trade with a 1% stop loss trade position and watch the trade move a few pips. If it looks like its run out of steam then i cash out. I make several small wins through the day from £1 or £2 pounds up to around £30 if its a good trend. I win about 60% of the time. It makes me abit of beer money and i enjoy trading. I’ve blown my account 3 times in the past as i wasn’t strict with my stop losses and hate losing which as everyone knows is the hardest thing you have to learn about trading. But once i accepted that a trade was going bad and i had to lose, i would cash out and look for a new trade. Only once i accepted this i started to make money. Sometimes i don’t hit my daily target, no biggy, its just a target, i have a full time job which pays my bills and hopefully 1 day in the future, if i can grow my capital enough to quit my job and day trade on the beach in the caribbean then i’ll know i’ve finally learnt how to trade.

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Hi To every one.
Many thanks for replies to the start of the thread, and i hope you all get what I’m going to say .
I have had soooo many likewise conversations, some real, some wannabes, some real interesting and genuine.I look forward to learning new ideas.
However, what we here for, a hobby !!!. Taker up poker , its more fun , easy to win on the small tables and over in an hour or two . You can even play with a few beers on the desk , balls and a bit of bravado is needed now and again !
I am the only person that needs an answer ? . Could anybody who has taken this up mid life or middle career doing something else, and had it make them a living, please spark up and be counted. If you can make money , 70 % of the time, then all you do is up the position and then its full time.The only future that doesn’t get harder the more you earn (obviously, strict money management, no credit cards or mortgage money !)

Hi What pairs do you like, and what times, day or daily hours.I find one of my biggest questions i go through is the pairs .I love something with a yen or aud , maybe nzd as well . Seems to have nice big moves for a five hour window a day , epacialy wednesday and thursday .