Padlocked files on alpari metatrader4 account?

Hi everybody,
i got a question on the metatrader 4 from alpari UK.
Im trading a live account and found that system32 system here on I wanted to install it on my mt4, and see…that system32 file is padlocked. :33:

Can anybody explain that to me? Is it simply blocked by alpari? Do i have any kind a chance to open that padlock?

Thanks a lot for your help!

If I’m not mistaken, files here on BP are usually in .ZIP format which must be unzipped, not unlocked. Just right click and choose “Extract” and put the file(s) in the experts folder.

Hi Codemeister. Thanks for your answer… I unziped the files already. I know how to install that stuff, but that one doesnt work out. When i already installed it to the mt4, and look into that files it shows me a padlock. I will post a pic when i am on my desk. Thank you so far. Greetings Sascha

You’re running windows 7?

I think it is just a windows permission issue.

Right click on the file

  • Properties - Security - Advanced - Owner - Edit
    You should see a selection of users
    Usually you would make it Administrator.
    If Administrator is not there - Other Users Or Groups - Enter the name ‘Administrator’ or ‘Administrators’ and change permission to yourself (the user)

Just another way windows makes things overly complicated…