Pair watching

Hello there, im 23, new to community and only have 1 yr currency trading privatly from home with Saxo bank of which iv had some success and some failure, stumbling upon babypips has proved invaluable.

What i want to ask is this, iv put many different pairs from majors to exotics and scandies on my platform but never really focus attention on one particular pair and i have to admit keeping up with technical and fundamental analysis over such a broad range of currencys is starting to prove impossible as my technical and fundamental knowledge expands.

Is it common practice to focus on only one or two pairs then build up a long term undersatanding of these pairs.
This would seem obvious but then you are perhaps over-looking other opportunitie in the market - where is the balance?

Many thanks

For a short-term trader the answer is yes. Most focus on only a small pair set. Longer-term traders will watch a wider array in order to find sufficient trading opportunities.