Paper Trading after Demo Account Ends

Hi everyone! I understand there are brokers with demo accounts that let you paper trade for a period of time.

My question is: after that time period expires, how can I continue to paper trade? I may want to make some trades with real money, and other trades with funny money to test out a strategy. Is this possible? How does it work?

Please forgive my ignorance but I would like to know which brokers would let me paper trade indefinitely. I am willing to pay something for the service.

Hi, there are brokers offers demo account with no limit. Regards Greg

I think all brokers offer demo accounts.

Yes, but I have seen something like “demo account to try for 30 days”, and I was wondering what happens after the 30 days are up. Certainly at some point I would trade with real money, but just in case I want to try a new strategy in a demo account, I would want to keep that demo account always active.

To my knowledge, most of these demo accounts never expire. Also, tradingview is free without expiration. Try Think or Swim, as well. I’m not sure if their demo is time limited but it’s not difficult to get a real account and members can trade in demo forever with their firm, as far as I know. I have several real accounts. All of them have demo accounts. None of the real accounts were expensive to open. .

Never pay for a demo account.

I’m with OANDA and have had both a demo and a live account open with them for a year and a half now. If I want to demo a strategy, no problem I just log into my practice account. With their desktop platform I can have them both open at the same time if I wanted to. They impose no time limits and even allow you to open sub accounts for both.

Thank you everyone who responded! Sounds like I will be all set with demo accounts. I appreciate the feedback.

I have demo accounted for years