Parameter "spread" in Strategy Tester


Two simples questions:
#1 I’d like to know if the spread in Strategy Tester is measured in PIPs or Pipets or another unit.
#2 What means exactly a option “current” in spread???


  1. If your broker’s data supports pipettes, then it will be in pipettes. Otherwise, it will be in pips. Since most brokers nowadays all support pipettes, it is almost always in pipettes.

  2. The “Current” option will use the current spread of the asset/FX pair (when you press the “Start” button) you are testing.

The fisrt, I understood. THe second, no…

If you’re trying to backtest EUR/USD, and the spread is 1.2 pips (current market feed), then when you run your backtest it will use 1.2 pips. Basically, it uses the current market’s spread.