Part Time Trading

My beautiful entering long in UC

Why I Long the UC?
from H1, it seems like going to changing trend to up which it is tally with D,W.
So let’s see later

it is obvious determine by resistance. Once broken, it become support.
Basic method trading.

But Do you know where & how strong the S/R?
that’s the trillion dollar question.

I always wonder how the scalper make money?
I always wonder how the trend follower make money?
I always wonder how the momentum trader make money?



UC lose 10pips. Manually close.
now the UC seems like in ranging- below boundary.

from the beginning, we are taught on support & ressitance.
Now, I realize how power the support & resistance.
Horizontal & Diagonal type

Support & Resistance

HOw to determine the trend?
The trend is down
Price now stalling at nowhere to go.
if price can make another higher high, then it maybe reversal trend

to me, I would prefer to Horizontal, it is more accurate.
Why you use horizontal?
that is the critical area where most of us will focus and anticipate the direction

Either up or down.
Then, we surely follow the herd mentality(the clear direction)

The resistance area is very good indicator for us to monitor closely.
Pick this pair.
I draw a line on top of it. Do you see how the price touch some many days!
Yet, it can’t close above it.
What did it tell you?
To me, my short bias will automatically arise. I will wait more confirmation in order place my short.

Remember: The more price touch and go at the support or resistance area without break through, the more POWERFUL

hope this can help you some.

Sometimes do you feel yourself really helpless in Fx trading?
Sometimes do you feel why I can’t do it? Why others can do it?
Sometimes Why I subscribe so many guru or EA or attend course BUT still no result?
Sometimes why I always blow my account even my winning trade is more than losing trade?
Sometimes I wonder why I miss this trade?
Sometimes I wonder why I follow so many method of trading BUT still don’t work?

if you have most of this problems, then CONGRATULATION!
You about to LOSE MORE MONEY!!!

WHY do you said like that?

it is simple!! if you can’t solve all this problem, then you can’t win in this Forex Trading industry.

Cheers to all!:slight_smile:

I will always lose money when trading…

It make me feel like I am nobody, …

this is first feeling when I trade in real account.

After I met a guru, he is a my mentor and teach me on how to focus, discipline and etc.
From here, I wish you all don’t give up ! keep moving!

I sometimes wonder how other people manage to win the trade so often. But I found myself in deep trouble. When I short the pair, the market going up & vice versa.

So frustrated!

After some years, I manage to get compile the rules trading.
I hope that this small nuggets can help the rest of the people in this world.


this is very important if you want to be involve in trading business by yourself.


NZD/USD stays in the negative territory below 0.68 after ADP employment data

at this moment NZDUSD moving around 0.68… the price pattern symetrical triangle…
what I see the market are trying dumping on NZD more …for USD the ADP comes out negatively with not much away from consensus

the price getting squeezing up and down within the trendline. Due to trade war looks like coming to end. the NZD will be better outlook soon.


very true, interesting point.

In view of analysts at TD Securities, Canadian employment is likely to decline by 5k in February, giving back a portion of the 67k jobs created in the prior month.

With increased uncertainty about the timing of future rate increases, Governing Council will be watching closely developments in household spending, oil markets, and global trade policy. The Bank Rate and deposit rate were also left unchanged at 2.0 percent and 1.50 percent, respectively.

with the rate forecast remain 5%, I doubt CAD will make changes. to BULLISH…What I interested is in oil price. remember CAD monetary policy based on WTI USD50…this is significant remark which now WTI in around 55-56 coming to 50…this is what BOC afraid happen…

What you can see that the employment still growing with slower pace…what I am more interested is in wages…expected is 0.3% very good and if the unemployment data showing good…this is surely that the USD bull coming…we can trade into bull.


this is fantastic news to everyone!!!

of course this will surely ease the ccy…

At this moment GBP all downtrend due to brexit still cloudy while the dateline getting close.

market now risk on…

all pump beta ccy…’:grin:

so get good prepare for next week!