Patience - what would you go back and learn?

I wish I had more to say or a big extravagant message but if I could go back and master something from the beginning it would be PATIENCE.

What would you go back and learn?

Do you mean like a skill or like something particularly about trading like a skill set?

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Manage my emotions.

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Ya anything that would help you achieve your goal, in trading, faster.

Skills (technical, fundamental)
Risk management

Thats a good one. That’s a hard thing to do in the beginning.

Investing - Gaining financial literacy and learning how to invest money wisely. Understanding compound interest, asset allocation, market cycles, and how to evaluate investment opportunities. Good investing habits started early can really pay off down the road.

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Looking back, one thing I genuinely wish I had done earlier is to start copy trading on zulutrade sooner. I’ve realized that being a beginner back then, I could have avoided losses by trusting the expertise of other traders on the platform rather than trading independently. It has been an amazing learning experience so far and I hope that it continues.

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Really good one. Financial literacy: what a great word.

Glad it’s working out for you. What happens if it shuts down? Do you have a backup plan? Can you trade by yourself?

Patience is a god-gifted quality and once missing, it’s hard to restore!

To truly understand the concept of taking value before opening any kind of position

Yes indeed! Such a priceless gift that works in all facets of life; not just trading.

This is good. Do you mind expanding on that a little bit; what do you mean by taking value?

Sure! It was a concept I truly learned when betting with Betfair, obviously you need to be taking value to profit over the long term, if someone offers you a price of say 2.00 on a betting exchange for the flip of a coin, heads or tails the probability of that is always 50/50 ergo no value. If the exchange is offering you odds of 2.50 to land heads, if you take that bet every time you will eventually end up in profit over infinity. So, to fit that in to trading:

  1. Expected Return:
  • In the stock market, the return on an investment is associated with the price movements of the securities.
  • The expected return of an investment is calculated by considering the potential gains or losses associated with different market scenarios and their respective probabilities.
  1. Risk and Reward:
  • Traders evaluate the potential risks and rewards of a trade by looking at the expected value.
  • The expected value helps assess whether a trade is likely to result in a profit or a loss, taking into account the probabilities of different market outcomes.
  1. Decision Making:
  • Traders use expected value to make decisions about entering or exiting positions.
  • If a trade has a positive expected value, it suggests that, on average, it is likely to be profitable. Traders may find such opportunities attractive.
  • Conversely, a negative expected value indicates that, on average, the trade is expected to result in a loss. Traders may avoid or reevaluate such trades.

Sit on my hands and follow the chart(s) and enter when a basic set of entry rules is met for enter any trade

I would like to go back in time and build a time machine so I could…
Ah, no, wait a minute, there’s a snag…
I don’t think I’ve thought this through…

I would go back and learn proper risk management.
I mean, now I hope I have mastered it and adjusted it to my trading strategy, but anyway back in the day it brought me a lot of pain…
I was a rookie, so it’s forgiving :smiley:
Patience… yeah it’s also a very important thing. It may take months to understand that rushing leads nowhere. Well, to losses, of course, but not to profit, usually. Trading is about considerable approach, prudent one.

Wow can’t decide whether some of these posts here are real reviews or

:popcorn:eating popcorn or………