Pay for education on trading

Are there any forex trading courses worth paying the money for to learn how to trade to speed up learning curve?

What’s the rush?
Forex will still be around in 6 months, a year, 5 years, however long it takes you to learn.
Keep your money in your pocket until you need it for your first live account.

So far I am learn forex trading based on experience, never paying cost education because if we willing to spent time looking knowledge about forex, many trader learn from babypips, but also another source out there will giving us insight about forex, as I know forex now later and forever will remain risky business, but with experience it will guide us better than learn from theory only

yes there are.
but the thing is this…

if you don’t know which ones’ they are, then it says that you are on a basic level still and therefore stick to the free basic education.


WELL… the only way to do that is to speed up how fast your brain works, Are you able to do that ?

I appreciate you all taking the time to reply, I’m doing ok with my demo account but of course can always improve. But i continue to study the lessons here and if there teaching me what anyone else would might as well save my money for trading when I feel comfortable. I’m still doing demo account and co time to improve on my losses. Usually due to me getting impatient and not sticking to my plan. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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There are many educational sources in online free and paid, actually it’s difficult to recommend at any paid educational services, because most of them are found to be scams. Still I didn’t find too good paid services even a great mentor in Fx.

It’s a very complicated issue. According to me , there is no good paid educational materials , if there is , it’s all about temporary not permanently at all.

A couple years ago I tried my hand with binary options. A friend recommended a course that provided training and a signal source. I didn’t make any money and the training was $400. The one upside was having an understanding of all the tools used in charting. I found that there is a lot of people who are more than willing to give information for free. This site is one of them. I try to stick with good karma.

Hi mate
another piece of advice
Stay Away from Binary Options… Not worth it
Do Indexes , Do Forex if you like , Do Commodities
But stay away from freebies, Crypto and Binary.

and don’t bother with courses, there’s no point, you’ll just lose money and make money for someone else,
if you want advice PM me, i’m happy to help you

Binary Options is one of the biggest scams I’ve come across!

yes mate, indeed it is, Mathematically it doesn’t make logical sense to invest into it

Do not be hurry. Self learning is the best way to enrich yourself. There are different types of trading style. First discover which one is good for you. Invest your time and labour. Read different books on forex trading. You will know by yourself what you need.

Thank you all for your advice I really appreciate everyone’s input, and for taking the time to respond.

I’ll put it this way: the one who wants to save time pays for their learning, and the one who has plenty of free time learns everything themselves. But that’s true that all the necessary information is available now.

I’m very sorry to hear your opinion about binar options. you may have just been unlucky with the company or something may have gone wrong. But I’d like to tell you that it is possible to make money on binar options. The main things here are patience and persistence.

Why not? If these’re good courses and good education, which in the end can lead to good profit on Forex and give good understanding of the market, then I’m for it.

The big problem is, how do you know which courses are worth the money and which are no better than looking on the Internet for free?

For the beginners level its quite difficult to make sure which courses are appropriate for paid , that’s why they always fall in a scam.