Payment System suggestion for lite forex

Hii all…
I think that the payment system is more important to be able trade in a broker.
I just wonder that Paypal is the number one payment system and used as shopping…
we know that we must need somethings to be bought on online shop…
How if Paypal used as payment system in lite forex???
Or any suggestion of paymet system for lite forex??

i use a webmoney. it’s very good.

I am going to use OKPAY and PayPal, because a lot of my friends who ere forex traders for a long time, adviсу me this systems.
I see some okpey friendly forex brokers on their site, who give bonuses and demo acc for trading via OKPAY. I want to try it

Liteforex have new e payment system called “” its great money payment in russia. This new epayment very secure and safe. How about this new epayment?

I ve not tried it yest, have you? multiple payment systems make it very convenient to make transaction in liteforex.

Paypal is my go-to payment system. There are a lot more options though, but I trust this one the most.

Regardless of what type of assset we are talking, I feel like using a good gateway, and a secure one for that matter, is super important.

I prefer making payments through my cards. It is way easier.

PayPal for years now has been the most convenient and trusted payment source. And despite having tried other methods, I still turn round back to PayPal.