Pda software?

just got a pda and was hoping to find a forex charting program for a palm OS. Anyone have any suggestions? Free would be preferable.


Pretty sure metatrader do one, if you want the charts to update you obviously have to pay for the connection charges if you use gprs or is it gps i always mix the two.

A lot of the brokers have a mobile phone version of their platform that will allow you to trade, check positions etc

Try SIGTrader 4 Mobile based on MetaTrader platform. Get a free copy from http://www.liteforex.org/downloads/sig4mobilesetup.exe

Forex.com supports wireless trading for free, as does mgforex.com

interbankfx also has a wireless platform, i am using Forex.com and am trying a demo on Interbankfx

InterbankFx i hear is pretty good. I want to it out myself