Pdf of "School"

there used to be a link to download the “school of pipsology” text for a small fee…does anyone know if this is still offered?

I have read about that too and would also be interested.

The school was originally created AFAIK for free reading. Anyone ‘selling’ a copy…well you get where I’m going.

The original pdf that used to be out has since been updated in the newer web based school here on the site. There’s much more material and some more up to date knowledge pieces. If you’re new, I’d stick to what’s on the website, plus those quizzes are great for making sure you’ve retained things.

Yeah but those guys maybe wanna print it out for themselves, you know…

I’ve used to pdf and not printed books. Since i’ve got my android i read directly from my phone. I don’t have to carry with the bunch of books. Printed books are quie not confortable to hold and read when i am on bed for example and you cannot read a printed book with lights turned off. Well i’ve diverted out the subject. I’ve started with a pdf version of babypips, an early version translated to spanish and if someone is wondering, i did not print it, read it directly fron the monitor. It was like 120 pages. Today if printed ir would be thiker than a bible, that is why it is called “the bible of forex”.


… and then came the google search bar :slight_smile: