Pending orders (buy stop and sell stop) help

Hello :slight_smile: I’m sorry if my English isn’t very good but i’m not from an english speaking country .
I want a little help with buy stop and sell stop orders . I’m trading on a demo account and my strategy is with those kind of orders . Lets say I place a sell stop and a buy stop order on EUR/USD , the price starts to go down and activates (I don’t know how to say it) my sell stop order and in the same time as it activates it my buy stop order disappears (i mean like i haven’t placed it) and then because of high volatility the price goes up hits my stop on the sell stop order and because the buy stop order is gone I make a loss :frowning: . Is there a way that when the price hits one of the orders the other doesn’t disappear ?
And i’m sorry again if my English is bad and if the question doesn’t make any sensе .

Have you used MT4? There is ‘Take Profit’ and ‘Stop Loss’ option to set when you make a trade! I hope the name itself says what they execute!

I am using MT4 … i know what is TP and SL but this is not the point of the thread … the point is that when i have placed a sell stop and a buy stop if the one gets activated the other gets deleted and i don’t want that .
Edit : How to fix it so both of the orders stay ?

From what I read, I think you are opening the opposite positions at the same time. You said you placed a sell stop on EURUSD, which means you are selling, and at the same time you placed a buy stop on the same EURUSD, which means you are buying. Are you hedging? cus that is what it sounds like. Some brokers don’t allow hedging, so if one of the order is canceling, then you have to ask you broker. You should use the Stop Loss and Take profit options. This will help limit your loss and grab your profits respectively.

I’m not hedging because i’m not using execution orders … i’m using pending sell stop and buy stop orders with TP and LS …and i’m not having two positions opened at the same time …