Penny stocks

Hi!!! I am very interesting to invest money on share markets. But I don’t have an idea on stock market.I am new to investors market, Please give me your guideline for best returns on investments………. on Penny stocks.

Hello siddarthexpotec! I am new to the forums as well, but will try to be helpful. This forum is dedicated to the trading of currencies, not stocks. While there are similarities between the two, the differences are broad enough to merit different trading approaches.

To get a good idea of what Foreign Exchange (currency) trading is all about, I would recommend working through the School of Pipsology here at Babypips. It is free and will introduce you to nearly all of the important concepts of Forex trading. From there, I would STRONGLY recommend opening a demo account with a reputable broker and practicing Forex trading with fake money (provided in the demo account). When you have developed a strategy that works for you, practice some more. Keep practicing until you are confident in yourself and in your trading approach, then start thinking about doing it with real money.

If you find that you are more interested in trading common stocks, there are plenty of available resources to learn that field. I’ve done both, and only trade Forex now for a number of reasons. Whatever you choose to invest in, study it and practice it extensively before putting your own money into it. There is no substitute for knowledge, experience, and diligence.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to help. Best of luck!

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Why are you interested in penny stocks?

How do you get started


a) Take a couple hundred dollars, flush it down the toilet
b) Take a couple hundred dollars, walk into a casino, throw it all down on RED @ the roulette table
c) Save your money, read as many books as you can, watch as many interviews with professional traders as you can, dig and dig and dig on the internet for free educational material, then stare at the charts until something clicks

Cheers mate. Please stay from penny stocks unless you get all chart trading skillset. As regards microcaps - these are very volatile and choppy assets. You should definitely be reading tons of books prior to real trade sessions.

I suggest to invest in Bitcoin

What is going on market now?

I am not sure why people want to invest in penny stocks because they are quite risky. You might have heard someone saying that penny stocks are affordable and you won’t have to invest a lot of money. But that’s not the complete truth. Before you even know it, your penny stock company may turn bankrupt.

As a beginner, I won’t suggest you invest in penny stocks. Most newbies are lured to penny stocks because of their low prices that can get you enormous gains. But it’s not true. Their low liquidity and limited information make them a risky investment.