People are scared of SJWs - Good People forced to lie ! about BIG things!

Hmm ! we seem to have some developments ;

Firstly to declare my position - I am (nominally) Cof E, my accountant is Catholic, the guy who did my house conveyance is a Pakistani Muslim and the Guy who arranged my mortgage is an (unconnected) Iranian Muslim - I have a good friend who is a Kenyan Asian (don’t know what Religion) and other friends are Sikhs - so I just don’t care about religion - just about competence.

Now we appear to have a concerted attack on our New Home Secretary Pretti Patel (who would appear to be a “Brown Person” by Civil Servants of the “Home Office” (plus some others) and by the Labour Party.

THe Previous Home Secretary Sajid Javid started an Investigation into exactly this situation a “No holds Barred” investingation, which is now complete but is to be hidden because it is “Not in the Public Interest” to reveal what they found out !

Apparently Pretti Patel is guilty of having “Shouted” at one or more Civil Servants ? - Now we have to wonder (or I do at any rate) whether this “shouting” and the Cover-up of this report is in any way related - seeing as it would have been the “Home Office” who would have been directly involved in this whole Abysmal affair from the very beginning ?

Anyway - I strongly support the Prme Minister’s support of his Home Secretary in this matter - as do many others it would seem.

Whereas the Civil Service and the LAbour Party have been “talking to” each other and Civil Servants have been publishing Political articles in the “Guardian” a far left Newspaper.

In defiance of their “oath” of non - political involvement.

A petition has been started in the last few hours on the official Govt website demanding release of this report and signatures seem to be going up ate the rate of around 2,000 an hour !

(THere are 38000 + signatures as I type this )

Here is Sargon of Akkad on his take of the subject (of the petition)

(Edit) - I repeat - "WHERE ARE THE FEMINISTS " ??? - Are these English Girls - somehow “Unworthy” of their support ??

That was 6 hours ago - Having passed the 10,000 mark the govt is obliged to reply and IF it gets to 100,000 then the Govt has to “consider” debating it in Parliament !

Now this is the first day and It has 6 months to reach the 100,000 mark (All petitions on this site last 6 months)

So the figure has now gone up by 12,000 (49,525)and will cross the 50,000 mark (on its FIRST DAY ) within minutes - so should get there pretty soon - but then nobody really knows it is there - YET !

This is just my theory, but there are power-hungry psychopaths who are using “feminism” and “social justice” as a vehicle for power. Kinda like how Cersei in Game of Thrones exploited the Faith Militant to cement power, while covering herself with a veneer of respectability. When real feminists do speak out, they’re labelled bigots, TERFS etc. and are ex-communicated.

Thankfully there is the #walkaway movement that is slowly building momentum. There seems to be a growing diverse coalition against this SJW nonsense.

an hour and a half to midnight !
Today ? - or tomorrow ?

Note there are two cnsecutive snips here - hence teh number has gone up !

Only 40 years then !

Well - I don’t think SJWs were even about 40 years ago ! - SO who were they afraid of back then ?

Police officers must have joined the force, during this period and have now retired on their generous pensions and remained silent throughout their whole careers - (the Official Petition linked to above is now satnding at over 110,000 - Yet still no mention in MSM )

But it seems Yet another “Enquiry” has now been started - Just kicking the issue into the long grass again.

Some of those early white English Girs are now in their 50s and will be grandmothers whose own girl children will have been abused in the same way - possibly even their grand-daughters -

AGAIN I ASK - WHERE HAVE THE FEMINISTS BEEN ? All this time ? Why are they SIlent - Even now ?

Update - There Does seem to be a connection between the Home Secretary and the “bullying” smear perhaps ?

What is it going to take for you Brits to get serious about your

Paki Thug Problem ?

We Brits know about it Clint - It’s quite obvious from the absence of ANY FEMINISTS in the discussions anywhere that it is being Deliberately un-addressed

Here’s 4 minutes from Stefan Molyneux and Carl Benjamin in which it is discussed succinctly and in an Adult way