People who start every sentence, "So,....."

Can these people be subject to private prosecutions? Or maybe deportation?


I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this on occasion.

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Oh, Matty, Matty, Matty… what are we going to do with you?

I’m in my native country, which means I can’t be deported.

So,…prosecute or just put up with me :upside_down_face:


There are so many misuses of language and grammar that make me cringe. Some of them are “to/too”, “then/than”, “there/their”, saying “peaked” instead of “piqued” or “mute” instead of “moot”, using “which” as a conjunction (very common in the US), and on and on.

I’m by no means an expert at the English language but if one speaks only one language then one should make an attempt to speak it correctly.

What’s embarrassing however is that my laptop’s keyboard sucks big time and sometimes it types two of the same character and if that does not get autocorrected then it remains in my writing. An example is “too” when I really wanted to type “to”. Yikes! :grinning:

So - It seems we’ve had an annoying visitor then ? :wink:

Text speak: “ur” instead of “you are” or “you’re”. Even worse is “ur” instead of “your”.

This list could go on and on.

hey man so my post just got hidden, so just wanted to let you know! the guy who created the miracle bot

This forum is full of new traders trying to learn the ropes. They’re going to lose enough money on their own, they don’t need extra help from people like you.


Its what I’m hearing more and more through the media.

It might be just a reflexive verbal “tick” like “Errr…” or “Erm…” but I have to feel that some people are trying to sound younger and dare I say it more American than they actually are.

So I, too, had noticed an increasing tendency to be responded to with answers starting with “so”, so I searched why.

P.S. Sorry if my “so” is interpreted as somewhat condescending, but I sometimes feel that myself, even though it is meant to “engender a feeling of caring by the respondent to the requestor”. To avoid any doubt, I don’t care about you, but I respect you for the content and meaning of your posts. They contribute to my learning. :slight_smile:

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Its use has definitely been adopted in Blighty recently. I hear it most from either subject specialists on political subjects (eg Covid-19 press releases) or those in traditional management posts wishing to make their audience believe they “have a grasp of what is important about the topic but not necessarily a specialist deeper understanding”. Could just be me, but as soon as they say “So…” even with a very slight pause, my mind adjusts to “accept the rest of this sentence with a degree of caution knowing it has been rehearsed as a canned response to the same question asked by another person earlier”. And “does this “so” person want to fob me off with a canned response, and will I learn anything, or do I switch off now”?

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I’ll happily take “so” over “like” and upspeak any day. :laughing:

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Might this kitty suggest crucifixion? :sweat_smile:

Purrhaps social media and traditional media play a role in this. Keeping up with… dumb celebs makes people imitate even their mistakes and mannerisms. :thinking:


The one American bastardisation of the English language that has infuriated me, is when a person wishes to order a drink in a pub.

"Can I get ?

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Furthermore, (I like Damon Runyon) the Australian intonation is irritating and creeping in, were every sentence sounds like a question.

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“Neighbours” has got a lot to answer for.

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What’s the angst against ‘so’?! It’s just convenient.

Convenient’s an odd description.

Mostly I don’t like it because its a needless affectation which sounds modern, youthful and American. But I suppose therefore it actually is convenient - for identifying the people you meet who are not modern, youthful or American but who think it would be good to sound as if they are.

(I have nothing against the modern American youth, as long as they don’t start to talk like me)

Wait what’s wrong with that :scream: How should it be done then? :open_mouth: