Percentage-wise, what's been your biggest trading loss this year?

Not ever, but only this year.

I just clocked in an almost 16% loss. Finally decided to bite the bullet and close the trade. No, I will not be taking any advice. I already know I messed up. Don’t want to get into a rabbit hole of despair so I’m trying to keep my chin up for now while also reflecting.

So yes, if you’ve had losses this year from trading lmk! I need people in this misery business :joy:

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Sorry to hear, but if you want some consolation here is some!

Tom Hougaard in his Telegram group lost 40% of his $100K account this morning, yes $40K and he trades a live account - it’s real money!
I tune into him most days but I do not copy his trades, I just watch in amazement :joy:
He did manage to recover $20K this afternoon. Now that’s agressive trading! :rofl:
Cheer up!

I mean that does make me feel a whole lot better esp that I’m whining about my less than $100 loss lol. So thank you! Perhaps now it’s time for me to also do some aggressive trading! JK