Personal point of view

Most of our new investors google and find that 90% of the traders loose money
How ever they don’t know the exact ratio of the loosing money traders.
One who can only open close trade
Make deposit
Set sl tp
Are not traders
Suppose one who has passed o A level then I level and finally 4 years of time paid for a professional degree can be called officially a professional but yet he she needs enough experience to practice and gain good from expertise
So concepts must be cleared first

wow that was great
lets consider trading like a major in university so first you need to study 4 years and then you need to practice what you have studied and after that you can be a pro
so why one should want to be profitable after 6 months of trading

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Your take of the spillovers leading to extra years? Do you think these guys would ever agree with you of not being professionals?

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No matter sir one does or does not!
This is fact indeed we need basic knowledge first what is already all we have
Than the pro study trainings research and self practice I think is compulsory.
Sufficient experience can lead us toward destination

We all should know that among most losers there is a little part of traders most of them are only called but not traders.
Streaming derived is on a highway’s and what would happen? Easy to understanding

A vehicle driver must has passed all the compulsory levels of deriving including technical physical environmentall which includes many more
Yes if one can do it six? Month!
I don’t think so
He she will need even after a good training of 2 years to derive safely

No one make the exact ratio of losers to profit makers because it’s unguessable how many are losing and how many are gaining even though the ratio varies from day to day trading.

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Garbage of the highest order. I absolutely hate when people say these things so authoritatively as if they are factual.
ANYONE, who can do what you have outlined here can be called a trader. Whether they are good or bad traders is another matter entirely.
I saw where someone up above said “wow that was great” and I am saying to myself that must be sarcasm.

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So if someone does the above actions for decades and has nothing but losses to show for…you still call that fella a trader?

Lol. I would call that person a crazy loser.

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No matter what would you call or someone else names me Crazy!
You are asked to point out the real weakness as to guide me not to comment or abuse

That comment wasn’t directed at you.

Becoming a professional trader requires both education and practical experience to succeed. Clearing concepts is essential before diving into trading.

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