Personality Quizzes on iPad/iPhone

I’m just finishing off Pip School & I’m unable to do any of the personality quizzes (graduation section) on my iPad or iPhone. I’ll hopefully be able do them on my laptop later on but it would be handy if it was possible to do them on the other devices.
I’m not sure if this is a glitch or just a future consideration.

Thanks guys!

Hi Baz,

Welcome to ‘my’ world! Nothing works on my school platform - I’m just plugging on regardless.

Shame about the quiz though - that would be nice/useful to see - though…

I can tell you - being a Scots lad - you surely are careful with money lol; mind you, I just remembered you saying you like to buy lots of toys - hmmm - let me rethink that one… :slight_smile:

Best wishes and hope the arm is getting better by the day…

I am sensible with my mon£y (too sensible at times), but my wife & I do like to treat ourselves. We have a reasonable amount of disposable income so why not save a bit & use the rest to enjoy the finer things in life?

My wrist is finally out from the heavy plaster cast & I’m in a support kind of thing, got signed off work for another 4-weeks so plenty of time to concentrate on my demo account. As you can see from the above pics, I am a stone throw from graduation :o) Not that the learning stops after that.

Obviously the school is playing up for you, but other than that, how are you getting on with you’re learning? Summer School is a difficult read so when you get to that, don’t fret too much. BabyPips do a great job of bringing all the small pieces together at the very end of the school to give you the big picture & it just ‘makes sense’.

Are you getting to use your demo account much? Have you looked in to MT4 at all?

Hi Baz

Just a quickie here (I nabbed you over in the newbie section)…

And good for you treating yourselves - why not when you the have the moolah to do so. And I’m all about the ‘finer things in life’ :slight_smile: Me too - but it’s amazing the difference between men and women, what we each consider luxuries and toys etc etc.

Anyway, I ‘should’ be finished with school this weekend and I ‘should’ get started playing around with Mr Demo in the not too distant future…

Take care hon of the ol’ arm, good pippin to ya! :slight_smile:

Hey baz1982,

You’ll have to be outside of the Forums app to take the personality quizzes. They work fine using the mobile versions of Safari or Chrome on the iPhone and iPad. There are no plans to support the personality quizzes from within the Forums app, unfortunately. Thanks!


Hey Jessey126,

What other problems are you having? Let us know how we can help.


Hi there…hoping you can help.

Ive got to graduation using ipad (not via the babypip app) to complete course via safari. However am having same problem as others re not being able to do the personality tests in graduation?..everything has been, and worked great up to now.

Any advice?

Hello matthewallan,

Thanks for the question. A current work around for getting the personality quizzes to load on iOS devices is to install the Google Chrome Browser app. The quizzes load in what’s called an iframe. And mobile Safari tends not to like iframes. Try Chrome and let us know if that works for you.


Works great, thanks!