Perth traders tribe, Western Australia

Hello @Golfgrub , @Cookiebear , @chrisab1313, @Wizzybelle30, @Kevin_LaCoste, @jamerz1991, @Pipzilla, @dragonfly2301.

Looking through the forums I can see you are all in Perth.

I am curious to know how many of you are still trading and perhaps how many have become full time traders?

Do any of you ever meetup or perhaps have a chat room / trading group you meet on?

I am a beginner (currently reading Babypips elementary school) and am looking for traders in Perth willing to help. My plan is to learn as much as possible over 6 months. Practice on a demo account for 6 months. Then dive in with real money after 12 months.


Hey mate

I’m surprised you found me on here, haven’t been here in yonks
But to answer your question, yes I’m still trading. But mostly trading crypto more then forex.
How ever its not full time.
I also do run a chat room with about 150 people in it, with people from all over Australia. (Mostly perth)
I have been trading for roughly 8 years now so I can always help you out with questions from ta, fa and psychological side of it.