PFG Forex

I do not recommend PFG Forex for the following reasons:

  1. They are not small trader friendly.

  2. The accounting personnel do not return phone calls. Namely Brian Ellison and his boss Kristine.

  3. I have seen spikes on trading charts that I never saw on other charts. May have been internal clearing of stop losses.

  4. Charting software data feeds were down too much.

I currently use FXDD but thinking I will change to FXSOL because I like their platform better to scale out of trades. FXDD has not given me one problem and MT4 works well at FXDD.

thank you for the advice…

i wa sjust contemplating joining them untill u told me dis…

My experience for what it is worth. Had/have a micro, opened it when they were accepting credit cards for deposits. I ran into a problem of my own making and wanted to deposit some funds before I went bust , but couldn’t due to no more credit card acceptance - only e-gold for the micro. Ended up with a margin call and 68 or so cents left in the account which couldn’t trade on that for lack of sufficient margin. They also took away all but 3 options for pairs at that point, EUR/USD, Yen and Aussie I think.

Wrote and asked “when” or “if” they would be accepting credit cards again, a reply in bad English saying only they ‘currently were not accepting credit cards,’ so I don’t know if they ever will again and been months without so think not.

Decided to try to get e-gold. Paid more than face value to get a small amount in ($15 or 20), that didn’t work out and have less than $5 in the account and can’t trade again. It will be orphaned until if/when they take credit card deposits … maybe I won’t go back.

The lack of ease in depositing my main complaint because otherwise I was not unhappy and didn’t have too much of a problem with them. I liked that I could start with a low amount of money to get some “real” trading with money without a $200-250 -or more- investment to start, a meta-trader platform which I like as well.

FX Sol is one I am considering, NorthFinance or InterBank Forex (similiar deals to PGF FX - but IBFX American based and regulated) but leaning toward the CMS Forex with the Virtual Trading Platform and they have a low minimum and take credit cards, seem more established and stable.