Photo session: Theme: WATER

I like water. I want to share some of my favorite water theme photos. (All photos are the views of God’s own country)


Will be adding more photos.

Add your favorite photos also.

Remember = Theme : Water

How is this ?

This one ?


How is this… ?

How is this Bath ?

and this bath ??

See the beauty

and the sweety

A pond

and a river

Drop of Water

What a sweet drop

A water resort

another one

(All photos are the views of God’s own country) Gods own country - these pics must have been taken in the floods of 2007,we got it bad in Yorkshire

wonderful pictures Bijoymi,i also am fascinated by rivers and water and all that live in and on them.
i am hoping to take my family to India and Bangladesh in 2013 (Goa and Kerala)

Welcome to Kerala. Be informed. I Born & live in Kerala.

where are these places at? this is kerala? looks beautiful.

Yes. All stills are from Kerala

An Interior view

Another view

See the coconut trees

Here also

very stunning- thanks for sharing