Pip price move value

I have a sell order 1.20558 and TP 1.20504.

If i hit the TP 1.20504 , how much did the price move in Pips to hit the TP.

I appreciate the reply.

Found this lesson on pips and pipettes: What is a Pip in Forex?

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

That would be 5 pips.

so it would be 2055-2050 = 5 pips
We basically ignore the last 5th digit. 1.20558 and 1.20504

Is that correct?

5.4 pips

No, we don’t ignore fractions of pips.

+1 with Clint. Sometimes those fractions of a pip ( or points) make all the difference. 4 points might cover the spread or your in/out commision.

Its a tuff gig if you’re only chasing 5 pips bro.