Pip/value to calculate RRR

Dear all,

every instrument has a different pip/value.

Could someone provide me an example how to calculate the Risk Reward of 1:3 for EURUSD or EURCHF?

Is there anywhere a table where I can see the pip/value per lot?

Thank you.

Is this what you need?

yes but also solved it already

If you mean you want a table with the values displayed already I found this:

Using RRR is pure guesswork that should be abandoned, but replaced by seeking out a likely S&R zone where you could put your T/P. Which means before a price movement where losing traders close their accounts or get stopped out. Then you match it with a similar S/L to preserve any small price retracement that could stop you reaching your T/P.

IMO, T/P is the most important money management.