Pips Predator Trading Software


Has anyone purchased or used the PipsPredator software by Alpesh Patel? If so, what do you think of it and does it work? I don’t expect miracles, but for £2,400, I would at least expect to make a profit using the software. I have had a look around the internet, but cannot find any reviews (other than on his own site), which I find quite strange, as normally you can find reviews on anything!

I have seen a few of his webinars and watched some videos, but to me they don’t seem to contain enough details and are very vague. I get the feeling that they are just there to entice you to buy the software, but I’d like to think not, especially for someone in his position!

Haven’t heard of it but f you can’t find any reviews aside from those on his website then that’s probably a red flag. And even if there are reviews, it’s still very hard to say if they are real reviews.

Hi zianfx,

Yes, it was red flag to me as well, but I keep thinking that it might be genuine, after all the guy is a hedge fund manager, is on TV giving his financial opinions and has an OBE!

It would still be better to get feedback from others.

Agreed. I’m a little surprised as I thought this topic may have generated more interest :frowning_face:

Maybe not too many people have tried it.


I can tell you in my experience that i bought Alpesh Patel Pips Predator through a reseller which was a mistake, it was an older version that i got, it didn’t do the best of the Job, as i did backtest it multiple times, it might have been a much earlier version…

However im not completely sure if the one HE is selling legit and does work, i have not tried it, although looking at his version it looks like it works good on his screen, i wouldn’t call him a liar because he was on TV and on a Podcast, he shows thorough proof of himself as a Hedge Fund manager, he included that he works more on like trading software and updating his indicator, he did mention it that it isn’t a mix of regular Indicators that he is trying to sell.

Still i personally don’t know and wouldn’t call him a scammer, as he gives much better and realistic views on FX trading then most people, he as well publishes he’s retail trades on his TG channel.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the late reply. For whatever reason, I didn’t get notified that you had responded :slightly_frowning_face:
Looking around, he does have a lot of credibility, but at the same time, I am not prepared to purchase an expensive piece of software that may work, on ‘blind faith’…