Pipster's Scalping system

This scalping system is just another average scalping system,except with no MA.This system only contains 3 indicators.If I was to put this on an EA, you could take out the last indicator.I have to say,I have not been trading this system long, but I have made an 80 win percentage,and about 4-5 pips per trade.I also would have to say that you would have to make quite a few trades a day to become money profitable if you know what I mean.Ok,now to the system.

1.Platform-Mt4 or FXDD
4.Indicators-Stostastic 8,3,3,Fractials,Heiken Ashi isn’t needed if not available,but I like to use it.
5.Buy signal-Fractial pointed down,Stostastic crossed.
6.Sell signal-Fractial pointed down,stostastic crossed.
7.SL and TP-SL 12,TP 10(You can take profit whenever).
Here’s an example.

Feel free to ask questions.I have created an EA of this system.But there are 2 problems.I can’t seem to load it on here,and I don’t know how to put it into action.Can anybody help me?

I don’t mean to interrupt. Just earlier today, I got a phone call from a gentleman claiming that he works for the meta trading platform and is calling because he is concerned with the numerous individuals that are buying up these EAs like FAPturbo and recording huge losses. He then offered me some sort of training program, claiming he was with Bob Iaccino. I’ve already seen Bob Iaccino’s little “Trader Outlook” thing on google. I dont know if its this that his person calling me was referring to but I was wondering if anybody else had experienced something similar. THank you again
btw I’m completely new to this and trying to learn as much as I can.

Is that intentional, or a copy & paste typo?..fractal pointed down for both buy and sell signals?..and I suppose the stoch cross should be pointing up for buy, pointing down for sell?

Fractal up sell,down buy,plus stostastic cross.

I haven’t even tried the EMA.

To me, one minute chart is too fast as there will be a lot of spreads paid to the broker… Were it me, I would be working with 5 minute or higher

Also I would add a stoch 35 10 1 on top of the one you are using… functions similar to ADX

I like your approach

I think my stostastic is perfect(at least for me),and I use FXCM,so my spreads for g\j are 2-4 pips.

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trade hit my limt,+10 pips,1/1 for the week!!!