Hi All! I present my own robot. Attach a couple of tests from the 2019 year. From 2019. November I use on an live account.
Test results with 99.9% modelling quality:

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This is my live account with this robot:

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Hi, how do I download this?

Hi! Please, send a private message.

Pityuk’s_EA_1.6.rar (65.0 KB)

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Hi.Firstly thanks a lot for share your EA demo version free.How can I get your EA.
Your EA don’t work with real account.
I will buy your EA if its not free.

How does this work when we get to a time of fundamental uncertainty - exactly like the time we are in now. Surely a robot will not be able to analyse huge drops from the technicals

Hi Farid44! Please send me an email, you found my email adress in settings panel of expert.

Sorry me.I can’t found your gmail.
I send you message.

Analyses the previous candles, and is looking for the suitable entry dots. Please visit my FxBlue: https://www.fxblue.com/users/pityuk

This is a weekly report:

Weekly report of my real account:

Hi Pityuk, can i use this EA on a demo account just for testing in MT4.

Hi CactusJack_FX!
This version of EA useful until 2020.05.01 on demo account.

Thanks for the reply, ok i’ll try it on demo and give a review afterwards.

What timeframe is recommended or tested for this EA?

The TF doesn’t matter for him.

Had no luck running it on a demo account, i dont know if there are special settings needed btw im running it on MT4. Pls provide additional instruction, if there is any.

This is new version of EA. You may use this version of EA on demo account until 2020.05.10, and on real account only onto backtest and optimalization.
Pityuk’s_EA_1.6.3_public_en.ex4 (66.7 KB)
Pityuk’s_EA_1.6.3_setfiles.rar (1.3 KB)