Pivot Point indicator for MT4 that allows backtests?

What I’m looking for is a pivot point indicator that has daily changing lines to visualize the S/R levels for pivot points. Virtually every pivot point indie that I’ve seen just draws static horizontal trend lines and only for the most recent day making backtesting impossible or a test of patience.

This is what I use:

Pivot Points - Daily (Shifted)

Thanks! That’s awesome.

Personally, I’m not a fan of pivot points, too unpredictable.

I generally rely on Fibs but in those cases where price trends fast (not a whipsaw), I want to know where potential stopping points are.

whats the point in coming into this thread then?

So many traders wander into other peoples threads just so they can say that a certain approach doesnt work - you do realise that every approach in trading can work, its just depends on who and how you implement it.

Does anyone know of a weekly and monthly pivot point indicator that also draws past pivot lines?
Same like this one but for weekly and monthly.

The one I use for weeklies is called:

Auto-Pivot Plotter Weekly V1-00.mq4

I found it using google.

Thanks man I found that one, it worked. Just to find for monthly now and I’m good to go :slight_smile: