Planning to switch, does IBFX good?

I am planning to make a switch. Can someone give an review on this brokerage, IBFX?

How the execution speed?

I personally like MT4; does the software work good?

Fee? Does unnecessary fees occurred? Something like maintenance fee and inactivity fee?

Does it really hard to withdraw money? I know some brokers create some rules that limit clients withdraw amount. Any fees to withdraw?

Some other comments?

Thank you very much.

ibfx is a good broker, but it’s not the only one. i have accounts at both ibfx and fxopen.

Do you mind share your experience?
Do you experience any difficulties with this broker?

ibfx were better before. recently their execution got a bit slower. still not bad though.

what about withdrawing the money? Are they giving you difficult time?

Yeah, became slower but still good, since they implemented 5 digit I had not a single requote. The rest is cool, they are fast managing deposit and withdrawals, however payoneer it is not so tast when you wanna add funds via payoneer. Besides that if you are lucky your transaction would be completed in half an hour, but normaly it takes a whole day.