Platform and Broker Choices

Hello everyone,
I been studying the schools here and trading on mt4 app, but i wanted to read charts on pc bcs its easier to place technical indicators like fibs and all… And i don’t know what platform is easy for beginners.

Can yall help? I tried tradingview but it only support like 7 brokers
I need a good platform that supports all
And i don’t mind suggesting a broker as well

Hope yall have a good day!

Mt4 has a desktop version, download it and you’ll be able to read chart on PC, as large as you want it to be. I hope that is what you were asking. I use Forexchief mt4, very good one to start with.

MT4 is the first platform choice that comes in my mind for you. As you mentioned that you are still learning and want to explore technical’s as well, MT4 would be the best choice for you. You will get an easy interface, in built technical indicators and most of all, its compatible with almost every broker. You can try out mt5 as well, its a better version of Mt4 with a couple of advanced features. I will strictly not recommend any other platform other than these 2.

Alright, whats the platform they use here on the lessons or the weekly pair breakdown? the charts look different

Like everyone said, Metatrader is a good choice, available with all brokers I believe. Even m using MT4 with fxview. You get access to good charting, even EAs. The interface is user friendly, which is why both new and experienced traders find it most compatible. Give MT4 a try.

i am using mt4 already, guess ill use mt5 for pc
thanks for your help