Platform with Backtesting w/o need of programming skills?

I am currently trying out MT4 and Dealbook 360.

What I want to do is to conduct a backtest of a strategy I made. Metatrader requires that I know mql programming to program a strategy and then to test it. Dealbook requires me to know another set of programming. I am looking for one which does not need programming.

Actually, if one were to look at Dealbook’s Indicator Alarms, this is quite great if it can be made into a backtesting system, instead of just an alarm for future situations. Its very easy, you can set criteria from the indicators and charts you have set, and it alarms you if the conditions are met. Its simply entering the value of >, <, + or a number you give into the conditon (eg. alarm if price > Parabolic SAR) Quite simple. Only problem is it is just an indicator alarm. Would anyone know a simpelr way to backtest a strategy?

If you want automated backtesting there is no other way besides programming. How else can you tell the computer what to backtest. :smiley:

The simplest way to backtest a strategy is to do it yourself. Just scroll your charts back and move them forward one candle at a time, writing down your results as you go. :slight_smile:

Thanks, its just hard to calculate for stop loss and the like just by looking at candles, Id need numerical representations for that.

Dealbook can do alarm indicators without programming knowlege, but it only does so for alarms not strategies.

Check out this thread, no need to count Sl and all that stuff on Mt4.

Thanks Jado! This is a big help. No automated backtesting, but still better than what I was doing!