"Play to your strengths" - strengths of retail traders?

Quite a few books and interviews by successful people say that we should play to our strengths, which makes sense. For example, if you’re tall, you might consider playing basketball where height is an advantage.

I’m wondering, what do you think are some “strengths” that retail traders have over other market participants?

Its patience.
Patience is money in forex trading.

maneuverability. As a retail trader you can decide faster alone without those large numbers of rules that institutions have to comply with. Of course this is provided you have a set of rules to trade with. As a retail trader you can switch allocations faster for your total portfolio, you can increase/decrease cash to equity or derivatives anytime and as frequent as you want. Institutions need a meeting to do that and are slower in implementing new strategies or tactics. however, this will only be an edge provided you do not over do it (change strategy/tactics/allocation).

What he said :))

Good points :slight_smile: