PLEASE! Any GOOD Forex Brokers that are ECN for SCALPERS? ANYONE using THINKFOREX?

I am currently using the demo on Thinkforex as they claim to be ECN for scalping purposes. The only issue is at times it takes about 5 seconds for an order to go through.So far they seem alright but I would like to hear from someone that has a live account with them to share their experience.

Please also recommend any other broker that are good for scalping?

Trying to find a reputable forex broker is like trying to find a needle in a haytsack!

Thank you!

5 seconds…you’re kidding, right? And this is on the demo…wonder what happens when you move to a real account, LOL.
Currently I use tradersway and FXCM…and have access to interbank quotes. So check online for ECN brokers, minimum deposit and other info, sort through the lot and do the research.
I have to say that if you’re experiencing a 5 sec slippage on a demo, it may not be a good idea to deposit real money with this broker…just my 2 cents!

I’ve heard good things about HotForex.
Their Currenex Account should be ideal for scalping strategies, they claim.
I ran the Trade Execution Test by FOREX Expats (Forex Expats – Trading Signals, PAMM and Strategies) and I have order executions ranging from 390ms to 1326ms

Hi Moyes,

Try FXCC (FX Central Clearing)

ECN/STP Broker
Spreads are as low as 0.1 pip (check our reviews)
Scalping more than welcome

I am looking at trying a different broker that is not a bucket shop and market maker. There are too many shady forex brokers that hunt stop losses and increase in slippage randomly. Anyone(besides sly employees posting on forums) out there that’s happy with their broker?

i’m happy with Dukas, and while i don’t scalp i typically notice my positions become active within 1 second (live, not demo). sadly, there IS a limit on how fast things can be based on ping times between me(you) and the broker’s computers.

I scalped live through HotForex for a few days and made nice profits, despite their hindrances and “OFF QUOTES” statement blocking my closing of some trades.

However, then they really did it: their “slippage” put my last three back to back trades of AUDUSD into almost mirror images of my profitable closings into LOSSES when they appeared on the statement. A total of about 5500 EUR in “slippage”, over the three trades. Their anonymous “execution” department refused to refund any amounts.

I find such engineered losses not “slippage” but outright sabotage and THEFT.

I think I won’t be with HotForex much longer…

If you find a truly honest broker (is there such a thing?), let me know. I just wish to be left alone to scalp to my heart’s content and make my millions.

Thank you.

never used think forex.
have used IC Markets and FX Pig. Both good for scalping.
Synergy FX has an interesting new “Hybrid” account, may be worth a look

I’ve heard good things about HotForex.
Their Currenex Account should be ideal for scalping strategies.some commission also applicable.


What is the meaning of this : I have order executions ranging from 390ms to 1326ms

Hey buddy, I think you should quit scalping and focus on a well planned long term trades. Besides many brokers frown at scalping even when it is an ECN broker. IF they don’t, you better not break the rules.

there is this new zero spread account at hotforex, though i have not tried it yet, and just like what jenny said I’d focus more on a long term strategy, i dont scalp much but traders are different and their style varies. best of luck.

Don’t even think about using a bucketshop like SNOTForex (HotForex)!! They - like STINKForex (ThinkForex) - use the Virtual Dealer Plugin to sabotage your trades. They are lying thieves. You are warned!!