Please Help... Broker?

What company would you recommend as a good trading platform for a beginner? MBT and several of the other sites are too confusing.

Thank you for your time!:confused:

I always recommend Oanda because you can have any lot size that you wish. However, I use Metatrader 4 for my charting.

Ive only been trading demo for a little while here.

I started with oanda, then found, and then found metatrader4

MetaTrader 4 wins hands down against both and Oanda. It is so much easier to use. It loads much faster then both the others also.

It is great being able to create templates for your graphs. It is also lightning quick for switching timeframes unlike the others.

Many here have applauded MetaTrader 4. With MetaTrader you can choose from a variety of brokers. Dont learn anything else but Meta because it will be a waste of time.

I agree with swordofrue, Oanda allows you to make very small bets. Im not going to be making any real money bets for at least a year or two so im not worried about that. But if you are about to start with real money, I guess Oanda or any other broker that offers “micro” accounts or 1,000 lot counts would be the way to go for trading.


Michael Lewthwaite

You are right about metaTrader. But you forgot to mention some sites that use them. Also we do not bet on the market. That is for gambling and gambling is not trading. We place trades. Of course this is all in fun and I hope I dont offend you. If you want a micro account that uses mt4 then goto I have tryed oanda and I do not know why everybody likes them! I think that people stick with them because they have never used any other broker.

Thanks You All!