Please help me find a broker that meets these requirements

Hi Folks,

I’ve tried demoing quite a few brokers for the last 6 months, and I’m now looking to go live with a small amount of capital. To say the least, I have quite a headache from all the reviews and threads I’ve read, along with all the testing I’ve done. I’m located in the US and need to find a broker that meets the following criteria. If you would be so kind as to recommend a few brokers that might fit the bill, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve found a few that seem they may be good, but I’ve read horror stories about almost all brokers out there.

[li]Reasonable Variable Spreads
[/li][li]Initial Deposit < $300USD
[/li][li]Accepts US Citizens
[/li][li]Leverage of 1:100 +
[/li][li]MT4 Platform
[/li][li]Server Stability - the [I]occassional[/I] 1-2 min hang is acceptable, but I’ll be tradng the 1m and 5m timeframes so anything more than that is not.

Please recommend more than 1 broker so that I know your recommendations are legitimate. If you could expand on why you feel they are good recommendations, that would be even better.

Some that I’m closely considering are:

Alpari US

However, I’m totally open to any suggestions. Thanks in advance.