Please help me find a system

Hiya guys,

I’m being incredibly dumb. I read a system on here in the last couple days that I told myself I must come back to it because it looks good for me. But now I can’t find it anywhere. If someone can help I’d appreciate it.

The basics of the system that I remember, is it’s based on the daily chart. If the most recent closed candle is short then you draw a fib line from the bottom of that candle to the bottom of the body of the previous candle. Visa versa for long. Or something along those lines.

If someone knows the system and where to find the details please let me know !

Is this the thread?

no, not that one. Although that one is very interesting.

The problem is not the system, imho. They are in dozens here.
The problem is 1/ believing in it and 2/ sticking to it first and foremost.

Agreed! The trick is keeping the belief in a system. Can get hard if your system heads South.

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