Please help with EA/indicator that moves the stop level to breakeven

Please, can anyone show me or help code an EA/indicator that moves the stop level to breakeven after a certain pip move in desired direction has been attained?

Hi, check the documentation mql language :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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@ProfesorPips Thanks for stopping by. However, I’m not a programmer and this will require me learning the language which though not easy by any stretch, will honestly take a lot of time. I will be grateful if given something to start with or modify

Hi, check this free tool FXDreema Regards Greg

Check out YouTube channel MQL4Tutorial.

@jangga, OP was 12 days ago… and you haven’t told us which platform you are using…
So’ I’ll guess it’s rickety old MT4… (See Below) BTW It’s FREE…

If you use modern Platforms such as Ctrader, it’s built in… Your welcome…

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I didn’t know I was trading from a rickety old platform!! :thinking:

Must be the reason I’m not an instant millionaire and my Ram 1500 didn’t turn into a Rolls Silver Shadow!! :rofl:

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